Putting the 'Fun' back into Fundraising!

What better way to fundraise for your school or club but with awesome 2Kool4Skool school book covers and accessories.

At 2kool4skool we have 3 different fundraising options to suit your school or club’s individual needs.


1. Simple Web Based Fundraiser

The no mess, no fuss fundraising option.

10% of orders placed via our website using your unique school code are paid to your school in cash.


2. Drive Style Fundraiser

Your “old skool” drive style fundraiser. You’ve done pies, chocolates and lamingtons. Now its time for something kooler.

Kids collect orders. You submit to us as a bulk order and keep 25% of the sales.


3. Custom School Book Cover Fundraiser

Custom made covers supplied to you at wholesale rates for you to sell for profit.


Download Fundraiser Information Sheets

Would you like to present our undraiser at your P & C or committe meeting? We've design three A4 information sheets so you can do just that.

All information sheets are ready to print A4 PDF's.